Knitting / Pletenje


San Francisco Fringe Festival: Knitting
September 2009, 10th @ 7pm, 12th @ 4pm, 13th @ 7pm
Produced by Zavod Masa, Ljubljana, Slovenia
40 Minutes

Slovene Premiere
ExPonto Festival :: Knitting @ Exponto
Tuesday, September, 22nd @ 7pm
The Mladinsko Theatre

Knitting-Pletenje Flyer
Knitting @ Fringe Program Proofs


The Self of you
” ” ”me
Who cares about 1-2-3
The Self of you
” ” ” me.
Louise Nevelson

Knitting © Photograph by Ana Kapelj

What does it mean to float between real life, everyday stories and to be with your heart in the midst of a struggle to live as a woman artist. To be a mother, to be a wife, to be part of a family and to be at the same time devoted to art? How can you connect or differ two completely different aspects of life: on the one side, the demanding communication of everyday life stories and on the other side, the isolated world of art in which you find your true essence, your drive, your expression as an artist? How can we make it hapen, how can we knit all these worlds together with a smile on our faces? I try to find the pieces of women artist’s stories and put them together in a mosaic, which makes a unique story of a contemporary woman artist. I’m making video interviews with American and Slovene artists, women artists-mothers from different fields of art.

The performance’s main theme is based on Luise Nevelson’s sentence “All my life is late.” Are we all late in our lives? The story is a story of numerous stories – stories of our lives, bits of everyday routine, bits of moments. As Luise Nevelson was building the sculptures from found objects I will try to build my story from “stories found” in lives of different woman artists, in the search for truth, illusions, fragments, and moments of a woman artist’s life.


Concept, direction and visual concept
Barbara Kapelj Osredkar

Damjana Černe

Bojana Šaljić

Sound, video, photography
Damjan Osredkar

Lighting design
Matjaž Brišar, Matjaž Černe

luKa umeK

Zavod Masa

Fringe Festival San Francisco (USA), Slovensko mladinsko gledališče, Festival Ex Ponto, Ljubljana (SLO)

Participating artists – voices
Anne Halprin, Amal Bisharat, Ana Stegnar, Ana Šalamun, Barbara Kapelj Osredkar, Barbara Stupica, Becky Jackson, Bojana Šaljić, Damjana Černe, Dragica Čadež, Elisabeth Fall, Erica Johnson Debeljak, Laura Albert, Maja Delak, Maja Šubic, Marjorie Sturm, Mateja Bučar, Neda R. Bric, Neža Maurer, Nina Meško, Irena Romih, Rene Rusjan, Rowene Ritchie, Sarah McNitt, Scatha G. Alison, Simona Semenič, Sinja Ožbolt, Treacy Corrigan


© Phots by Damjan Osredkar